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Verified Tutoring Experts  

who provide the kind of personal attention you succeed from the start of the school year all the way through your college application.

Our Purpose

We recognize that the core of what we do at Strive to Learn is not about grades, test scores, or even college applications. 

It's about helping students ease their anxiety; about providing families with peace of mind; but most importantly, it's about helping students redefine their self-image by recognizing how capable they are. 

Local Newport Beach Tutors & College Admissions Consultants

What are we like?

We hire extraordinary, fun people who are brilliant at what they do and are compelled by an insatiable desire to help students achieve clarity.

And despite our wildly different life experiences, we are united by our passion for providing students with profound sessions that are open, fun, and encouraging.

What are our qualifications?

Our team has graduated from schools like Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and comprise are an alphabetic soup filled with MBAs, Ph. Ds, MSs, MAs, etc.


We also complete extensive training, further our development at professional conferences, and have helped hundreds of students like yours succeed.  

Meet our Tutors
& College Admissions Consultants 

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