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From our family to yours 

We pride ourselves on more than just imparting knowledge; we forge meaningful connections with our students through a strong focus on mentorship.

We believe that academic guidance goes beyond simply providing answers—it involves nurturing, inspiring, and empowering students to reach their full potential. By matching students with the right professional with a genuine passion for mentoring, each student receives the support in the way that they truly need to thrive.

Meet our tutors and consultants

Strive to Learn is a team of dedicated tutors and college counselors with advanced degrees and hands-on experience in connecting with students in 1-on-1 sessions across several subjects. 

Our Values

1. Lead with empathy and seek understanding.
2. Empower our students; teach skills, not dependency. 
3. Give good advice; solve problems in our community.
4. Pursue challenges that catalyze growth - for ourselves and our students. 

We've grown a lot in our team and expertise, but we will always be a small business of tutors and college consultants because we want to be our clients' second family or home. After all, that's what it's about for us."

- Josefine Borrmann, Founder 

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Find the right mentor for your kid today

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