Get a perfect SAT or ACT score with 1-on-1 sessions from verified test prep experts

We specialize in helping students improve their SAT. ACT. ISEE, HSPT, GED, and GRE scores with private tutoring sessions from experts who've helped hundreds of students achieve their goals. 


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Why Strive to Learn students scores increase 2.7x more 

than other leading test prep companies

Let’s face it: getting a good SAT or ACT score opens doors. However, we believe that preparing for these tests is about so much more than just improving your score: it’s about finding your own approach to studying mindfully and effectively.  


It’s about ownership.


We personalize our entire approach to fit your unique learning needs by matching you to your own dedicated tutoring expert who gets your learning style, fosters self-confidence, and gives you the tools to finally master effective study strategies that will carry you far beyond just this test.


why our students ace their sat and acts ACT Selfstudy .83 Othertutors 2.70 3-5 SAT Khan Academy 90-110 Selfstudy 11 Othertutors 30 150-300 OUR SCORE IMPROVEMENT

Our 3-step method to 
get started

How to get started

1. Establish your baseline "score"

Take a free diagnostic SAT and ACT practice test on your own or join our Zoom proctored practice tests on Saturdays.

2. Book a free evaluation  

3. Develop a customized study plan

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During our evaluation, we'll review your score reports, dive into what each section means, and help you identify which test naturally aligns with your academic strengths. 

Come up with a customized test prep study plan based on your goal scores and your time commitments.


How we make standardized tests easier 

our test prep courses helped this high school student raise his scores

Build confidence with private tutoring

Our test prep tutors are amazing at what they do because they are hand-picked by our founder for their expertise in tutoring and are then extensively trained through our 3-step approach where they master student learning. 

from test prep experts who know how to teach.  

SAT ACT and GRE tutor teaches local students in orange county in person

We believe that your test prep program should fit the way you need to learn, not the other way around! With in-person or online programs, you can comfortably learn with a tutor by your side in your living room, on zoom, or even meet them at a coffee shop, at whatever time works for you. 


SAT ACT GRE tutor Josh teaches high school students online

Online or in-person  

test prep sessions Monday - Sunday, for however long you need.

Watch their scores skyrocket 
with our online learning platform 

Strive to Learn is the only small test prep company in Orange County that uses big company tools proven to increase learning and retention. Now with over 100's of videos, question banks, and more, students will reinforce what they've learned in session on their own.

Strive to Learn online portal helps students master academic concepts and act prep as well as sat prep

Standardized Test Prep programs 
100% customized to you



Cut out the busy work with our customized curricula that only focuses on exactly what you need to learn. 

Different learning styles

We teach in the way that you naturally learn and make content sticky.

Tutor Matching

We match students to tutors that match their areas of need and personality. 

Step-by-step guidance

Our tutors will walk you thorugh problems step by step until you get it. 

Unlimited practice tests

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Parent-lesson notes

Parents are kept in the loop with;lesson notes that are sent to the parent. 

Download our free 19-page survival guide, "Everything You Need to Know about the SAT & ACT in 2022" for high school students (and their parents) with timelines, study tips, checklists and more like:

Not sure when (or if) you should start studying?

What are the differences between the SAT and ACT

Which test should you take?

Questions you NEED to ask before hiring a tutor.

Sample study timelines.
Free resources.

SAT/ACT Survival Guide PDF

Hear what Savanna experienced with our
1-on-1 methodology.

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