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Cost-effective and customized

college prep programs designed to support your families 

Our customized college adprograms provides non-profits, employers, and private schools with a


4/5 families say our work made a meaningful impact on their lives and would recommend them to a friend

How we collaborate

with private and charter high schools 

By outsourcing your college admissions guidance to a team of qualified independent education consultants, we help schools create robust programs that prepare students for a variety of post-secondary options. 

1-on-1 sessions with students 

With our remote sessions online, we can fit our sessions into your student's busy schedule.

Personalized post-secondary pathways 

From 4-year colleges to trade or vocational school, we help students prepare for the next step of their life with confidence. 

Parent and student support 

We meet with both the families and students to make sure that everyone is on the same page about their plans moving forward

Start-to-finish college application support

For students that want to go a 4 year college, we help students navigate building their college list, applications, essays, and financial aid. 



lead by experts in college admissions

We cater our workshops to the length and format that your organization needs. 

College Application Workshops

Our workshops cover a variety of different topics about college application and post-secondary pathways including, but not limited to: Financial Aid, College List Building, Personal Statements, Supplimental Essays and PIQs, College Ranking and Student Success. 

Study Habits and Learning Strategies 

Our experts teach students about Growth Mindset and how they can ultilizer their learning style to study smarter, not harder. 

SAT and ACT 

We cover everything from providing proctored practice tests, the changes of Test-Optional and what that means for students, as well as study tips and the differences between the SAT and ACT. 


curriculia to fit any budgetary needs

Our programs are customized in accordance with your institution's budget, needs, and values. We can build a robust program from the ground-up or compliment any pre-existing program you already offer. 

Pay-What-You-Can Model 

We offer underserved students scholarships and families with limited financial means a pay-what-you-can model for college counseling.

Vast library of resources

We offer families a variety of ways to dig deeper into the topics we cover with our blog, webinars, and podcast. 

A Team of Experts 

Based on what your institution is looking for, we can organize panels that cover the latest information on post-secondary success, from gap year programs, to college application panels, and college and career nights. 

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