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Strive to Learn
 [striv to͞o lərn] noun

A dynamic team of tutors and college counselors who believe that gritty, meaningful lives are developed by empowering people so that they can pursue whatever sparks their curiosity. 

What We Do
for families


We teach students the tools they'll need to succeed both within the classroom and beyond. Our work provides families with opportunities to decide how they want to define success as they see fit.

How We Teach
Our Pedagogy 

We know that each student learns differently, so we tailor our instruction so that it each student learns in the way that feels most natural to them. Within that, we've developed a proven 3-point system that delivers multimodal content in a way that makes learning salient.


We also give students the space to make their mistakes in a welcoming learning environment, which goes hand in hand with our mission statement. 



Create a welcoming and fun learning environment. 
Embrace feedback and seek opportunites for growth.
Foster empatheic mentorships within our team and students. 
Develop and impart skills that have a lifelong impact. 
Actively contibute to our community and be a source of value.
Be mindful of the space that we take and the impact we have. 

We create space for our students to lead.


What We Bring 
to our community  

During the height of the COVID, we created a series of Pay-What-You-Can classes in coding, music, and theater that helped parents with younger kids accross the nation, and we launched our Strive for High School Seniors College Counseling scholarship.

Nowadays, we're actively spreading our knowledge to our community through our podcast, free webinars, and even partnerships with organizations like the Newport Beach Public Library and Waldorf School of Orange County. We also provide pay-what-you can models to select families with demonstrated financial need (when funding is availalbe). 

Why Are We Here?
what we bring to the table

What started as one tutor's knack for statistics and college essays seven years ago has blossomed into a small team that helps hundreds of students achieve their goals. Why? Empathetic mentorship.

Many of our team members were not born naturally gifted in the subjects they tutor, and they've struggled and have had to look at the same problem from different angles. And because our tutors and college counselors know, through first-hand experience, just how transformative a mentor can be, they work tirelessly to perfect their craft so that more students can have that same illuminating experience. 

Meet Our People