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turn academic aspirations
into lived experiences  


one student at a time

Who are we 

We are a tutoring and college prep service that provides students with 1:1 support from experts who foster accountability and teach students the skills they need to develop self-efficacy.  

Lead with empathy and seek understanding.
Empower our students; teach skills, not dependency. 
Give good advice; solve problems in our community
Catalyze growth and pursue challenges. 

Our values

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1. Inspire students to develop self-efficacy and take ownership over their future.

2. Empower our community and narrow the gap in education. 

3. Strive for self-actualization.

Our origin story 

a knack turned into a passion

What started out as a side-gig in college turned into a vision for a company that mimicked founder Josefine Borrmann's approach to teaching.


"I think that our ability to really empathize with students and understand who they are is at the core of what makes us different as a company," says Josefine. 

Indeed it is that close sense of community that has helped Strive to Learn to grow into a team of 11 people who help students across the country in academics and college admissions. And it's an approach that works, given that they've won Best of OC for their multi-tiered and individualized approach.

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Our Mission

Giving Back 

to our community

From our pay-what-you-can classes during lockdown to our partnerships with schools and organizations, we are dedicated to narrowing the gap by providing access to information that helps students empower themselves. 

100+ donated hours of private 1:1 sessions 
7+ workshops hosted for schools and non-profits
25 families received pay-what-you-can rates
3 seasons of free college admissions advice
175 blog posts full of expert information
50 hours of free workshops on our youtube. 



Schools & Organizations

Learn how we collaborate with nonprofits and schools on college applications, test prep, and study methods


Strive's Senior Scholarship

Apply for a chance to win a free college admissions counseling scholarship for financially needy families. 

Meet the entire team 

Like what we're doing? Fill out an application here

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