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1-on-1 academic coaching

Feel confident with private support from educators who hold you accountable for building lifelong skills for success.


Prepare for success

by mastering the skills you'll need to thrive in college and beyond

We teach students with ADHD, learning differences, and more about how to master their calendars, set goals, and enjoy their time learning.

Turn your assignments in on time

Our academic coaches will help you break down assignments into manageable steps and teach you the organizational skills you need to succeed. 

Overcome test anxiety and get better grades

Learn how to combat test anxiety and stem the tide of overwhelm with proven study methods.

Learn how to study smarter, not harder

Learn the latest strategies in educational psychology, like interweaving and AB intervals so that you can learn more information with less effort. 

Need help in one particular subject? Check out our 1-on-1 private tutoring.

Academic Coaches

help students who are struggling in school by:

  • identifying your learning style

  • mapping out assignments and due dates in weekly meetings

  • sending check-in reminders so that you stay on task

  • teaching time management, organization, and study strategies. 

  • seamlessly integrating our network of tutors who can help you in specific subjects.

Academic Tutors

help students struggling with one particular subject like math, English, or history by: 

  • breaking down core concepts into manageable bite-sized pieces

  • using your school's curriculum to teach you their way of learning

  • showing you tools specific to a particular subject.

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tutoring service

in Orange County for the 7th year!

Meet our academic coach

William brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our coaching as a teacher, and he understands the unique challenges that high school students face. With a proven track record of helping over 100 students get into their dream colleges, he knows how critical time management, goal setting, and study skills are to academic success. 

Perhaps most importantly, William is passionate about working with a variety of students and helping them reach their full potential- no matter their challenges. He takes a personalized approach, getting to know each student as an individual and tailoring his coaching to their unique needs and learning style.


Learn how we customize your learning plan to fit your needs.

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