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1-on-1 college admissions consulting 

We help students get into dream colleges  

With Strive to Learn in your corner at every turn, you can rest easy knowing that you have the expertise and support you need to stand out from a crowded pool of highly competitive students. 

Why climbing a mountain

is a really good analogy for finding a good-fit college

With over a 1,000 of colleges in the united states, finding the right colleges to apply to is overwhelming. And with skyrocketing rejection rates, applying to college can feel like you are climbing Mt. Everest solo. Now more than ever, students need more than just generic advice on how to write a personal statement or what activites to try. They need specific strategic guidance that is tailored to their specific needs from a professional college counselor (like us). And although colleges applications has changed dramatically over the year; our approach to college admissions hasn't changed, because what we do works. At Strive to Learn, our students earn more in financial aid awards and are accepted into their top choices at higher rates than any other counselor. Our college admissions experts understand the complexities of institutional priorities, but what sets us apart is our focus on you - the student: because at the heart of every good application is a student who knows who they are and is confident how they fit within their ideal school environment. By helping you explore your talents, deepen your interests, and expose you to the world of opportunities at college, you can begin to feel confident your choices and stop worrying about making the wrong decision. Because at the end of the day, our goal is for you to walk away from this journey - and it's a big one - with a fistful of acceptance letters to colleges that genuinely make you happy AND open doors to oppertunity.

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Get into the
right college

by building a good fit college list

From answering questions like "Which colleges have a bioengineering program" to "I have no idea what I want," our college counselors can help you build a list of safety, target, and reach colleges that will genuinely excite you for your future. 


We'll Help You Explore 
  • Your ideal learning environment
  • Unique programs (like 5-year BS - MD )
  • Potential majors and career planning
  • 4-year, 2-year, and trade schools  

On average, our students earn more than $191,000 in scholarships and pay 3.8x less in college tuition because of our personalized college admissions counseling. Talk about a #wiseinvestment, right?


Starting early and getting into Tulane 

How we help busy students like Lockley get into colleges with a 9.8% acceptance rate 

Why families rave about
Strive to Learn's college counseling 

Lori - happy parent of college counseling
Lori Y.
Santa Ana, CA

"This last year we used them for college prep and we are so grateful to have them as a resource. They took what could have been an overwhelming process and made it seamless."

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 9.31.30 PM.png
Nicole, G. 
Alhambra, CA

I was lucky enough to work with Melinda, who is the director of the psychology program as well as a professor at Fullerton for their Master's Program (and this is how you know this is an excellent tutoring center - when they have people who are experienced in their field). Melinda helped me create my curriculum vitae (resume), come up with my autobiography, and helped me build my whole application, and I am beyond grateful for her! The work she helped me create was so good that the director of my program now for my program even complimented me on it! 

Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 9.30.10 PM.png
Sarah C.
Huntington Beach, CA

"Josefine and the staff at Strive to Learn helped my son through high school to college: Spanish and math tutoring, college prep testing and for college admissions. My son has been accepted to American University with merit scholarships. Strive to Learn was a big part of journey and success."

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