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Our 3 step process

Colleges compare students within the context of their peers. We pair students with counselors who have the expertise you need for your area.


Personalized advice to all of your college questions 

"I want my kid to go to a college that will give them everything they wish for. How do I find the right fit? 

"I have no idea what I am doing, or what to look for?" 

"How do I make my college application stand out?"

"My kid tends to procrastinate - what if they miss an important deadline?!?" 

"How do I transfer into a great 4-year college?"

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During our free 60 minute consultation, your college counselor will go over how to move forward, pricing, potential application strategies, and answer any other questions you have. 

Save $      ,000 in college tuition with your own personalized path to success


90% of our students get into their favorite colleges and pay 3.8x less in college tuition because our college counselors work closely with a small roster of students.


By zeroing in on your student's interests and passions, we'll help you get into your dream college.

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