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Strive to Learn
Student Outcomes 



of students get into
their top 3 colleges 


average 2020
merit-aid award

SAT/ACT score 

Academic support that ends up paying for itself 

Accepted into more than 223 amazing colleges across the country, our students walk away with a plethora of opportunities to choose from and have the leverage they need to make college realistic. More than 3x the national average, our students are awarded 3x the national average in merit aid, saving you over $120,000  

Avg scholarship per student


We care about our student's well-being, we customize our services to fit their unique learning style, and we provide comprehensive guidance which ensures your student can get to a point of success they are proud of.

Case Studies 

Scroll through to see how we've customized our services to fit what each student needed.

Meet Lily

Strong humanities/arts writer finds solace during junior year

Brilliant, passionate, and a bit of a perfectionist, Lily wanted help with college admissions because "I didn't want to make a mistake or a miss-step, and so Strive to Learn really helped me feel at ease knowing that they always had my back". 

While we helped her curate a list of colleges with strong drama programs, we knew we needed to help her become a more well-rounded student by developing her math skills. By helping her strengthen her grasp of mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies, Lily's ACT score increased from the low 20s to a 32 and she ended up taking the hardest math classes her school had to offer. 


12 point increase on her ACT (32)
Accepted into Carnegie Mellon Dramaturgy program
Excelled in advanced math classes

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