Personalized college prep that makes everything 10x easier. 

Achieve your educational goals with 1:1 sessions from award-winning college admissions consultants, tutors, and SAT/ACT test prep experts. 


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Prepare for college your way with 1:1 educational support

Our 1-on-1 philosophy means that we get to know your student: how they think, how they learn, and more importantly, allows us the time to foster mentorship in a way that is unparalleled. Instead of the typical tutoring center that jam packs sessions with ever-revolving tutors, you get someone who is committed to helping you grow both as a student and as a person. 

By creating that sense of connection, and by allowing students the space to lead, our students learn much more than just content or strategies: they learn that they are capable. 

You're busy.
We're flexible. 

How we customize our sessions to fit your lifestyle. 

Targeted sessions that focus only on what you need to learn.

Flexible scheduling means that you won't have to choose between commitments. 

Guaranteed-fit means that we pair you
to an expert in the field that you're looking for.

From kindergarten to college, we'll help you achieve your educational goals.

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Get into the College
of Your Dreams

Transform your college application process into a revolutionary journey that prepares them for their future with 1:1 college admissions consulting and essay support.

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Why Strive to Learn is the #1 tutoring center in Orange County.


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