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We seek to expose students to a world of opportunity in which they imagine a future that encourages them to push their boundaries and purposely create a meaningful journey. Ultimately, it means we seek to put ourselves out a job.


Albert Einstein captured the true purpose of learning when he said,

Education is not the learning of facts,

but the training of the mind on how to think."


While our tutors and college admissions counselors can teach content like rockstars, the more important point is in the margins: we foster an empathetic connection with our students and our families, sitting side by side so that we can experience their perspective. We create space for our students to lead so that they feel empowered to reclaim their academic curiosity. 

We understand our purpose to be so much more than just helping our students get that "A," ace their SAT/ACT, or even gain admission into their dream college.  Because, at the end of the day, or that class, or that year, what ends up sticking is not the content that we teach, but rather the strategies we create. 

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