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1-on-1 tutoring and college counseling

tailored to your specific learning needs. 

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1-on-1 mentorship that teaches your way

Is your kid struggling with feeling overwhelmed, lost, or burnt out by school and college applications?  We can help.

We offer families a comprehensive solution that helps kids improve their grades, achieve high test scores, and get into elite colleges by connecting them to the right people who understand their needs. 

By taking time to understand each student, where they are, their learning style, and what they struggle with, we can craft an entire ecosystem of personalized support that scaffolds their success, fosters their self-confidence, and teaches them skills they'll use throughout their life. 

student gets college application advice with college prep mentor online over zoom on her cellphone.

How to start

finding your perfect college prep mentor

Book a consultation

with one of our educational experts to discuss how our customized student support and tutoring can help your kid achieve their goals.  

by filling out a quick 5-minute questionnaire that helps us understand your unique situation and what you need. 

Tell us what you're looking for

Create an actionable plan

filled with specific strategies that cater to your kid's learning style (and workload) during your consultation.

Personalized support

for better grades, high SAT and ACT scores, and admission into elite colleges

College Applications

Stand out with undergraduate, graduate, and transfer admissions experts.

Online only

SAT and ACT Prep

Prepare with experts in SAT, ACT, GRE, ISEE, HSPT, CBEST, and GED.

Online and in-person

Academic Tutoring

Master K-12 & college-level classes with academic coaches and tutors.

Online and in-person

Metrics that change
students' lives

We've empowered hundreds to reach their goals and get into elite colleges with less stress (and better results). 


Average scholarship awarded to each college counseling student


Greater SAT and ACT score improvement than competing test prep companies.


More effective than group tutoring sessions or workshops


Case Study 

How We Helped

Math Tutoring
ACT Prep
College Applications


6-point increase on the ACT (26 to 32) 
Accepted at Carnegie Mellon 
Aced the highest level math class offered at her school 

"Strive to Learn is the only place I would ever recommend for college counseling, tutoring, or test prep (and I've done all three over the years with various tutors/counselors).


Honestly, some companies are so corrupt and really just want to exploit people's anxiety about college admissions and test scores. In the three years since I started with a tutor at StL, I have only ever felt empowered and encouraged by the whole team.


I could talk forever about the value of their services, or the amazing community outreach, or the fact that my ACT composite score went from a 26 to a 32 with their help.


It all boils down to their devotion to their students - my friends and I all were matched with different counselors, and each of the five of us felt that we got high-quality support to write the best essays, be our best selves at interviews, and find the best financial aid opportunities.


School prestige obviously isn't everything, but in case you care: I'm now attending a top 20 university in the US, with a 15% acceptance rate (and a 3.5% acceptance rate within my specific major). I owe it all to them, and I can't recommend this company enough. Thank you Strive!!" 

                                                                                                                     - Lily L.  

Work with the best in OC

1-on-1 sessions with highly-trained experts in education

Hand-selected for their academic expertise and tutoring experience, our mentors will stop at nothing to help your student get the results they want 7 days a week. Available online or in-person. 

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What College-Bound Families Love

Resource Hub

Your every question about standardized tests and college admissions — answered. 

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