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William Giacchi

Academic Coordinator & College Admissions Consultant

William Giaccahi is a college consultant and English teacher with years of experience in the field. He holds a BA in Film & Electronic Arts from CSULB, has an English teaching credential, and has been one of our top counselors for 5+ years.

He approaches his work with three goals: to help students understand their personal interests and talents so they can find good-fit colleges; to provide strategic guidance on how to apply and to support them through the financial aid process as well as develop their college applications. William believes that every student deserves access to higher education, but not everyone understands what it takes or where they belong.

Education: B.A. in film studies, and an English teaching credential from C.S.U.L.B.
Subjects: College Counseling, SAT & ACT, Essay Writing, English, History.


Weekdays, Afternoons, Evenings


College Admissions, Learning Disability, Tutoring, ACT, SAT, AP English, Philosophy

William Giacchi

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