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Andrea Scampini

College Counselor & Academic Coach

In-person, Online

Andrea makes the college application process easy and fun because she loves mentoring and coaching her students along the way. She understands that each student has their own unique learning style, interests, motivations, and passions, and she helps her students reflect on their experiences to better prepare them for their next step in life after high school. Andrea’s passion is finding that spark that the student may not even be aware of and fostering it to empower them to take that next step. She is highly skilled at utilizing these enlightened skills to enhance each student’s personal statement essay, supplemental essays, and resume.

Andrea is very knowledgeable about the current trends in post-secondary education and the current college landscape. Between visiting college campuses in person, virtually attending conferences within the college consultant world, and keeping up with local and national trends, Andrea is continuously engaged in professional development to foster her wealth of knowledge.

Andrea lived in Boston for 20 years but grew up in Southern California, so she is familiar with schools across the country. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her son and daughter, running marathons, and playing with her dogs Boston and Cali. Most importantly, Andrea is a caregiver at heart and clearly cares for the outcome of each student and their families. She is an expert listener from years of experience both personal and professional, and you can count on her to listen to and hear each of her students’ and families' needs.

Andrea Scampini is not only a mother of two teenagers, she is an experienced college consultant with years of experience in many other overlapping fields. She holds a bachelor's degree in Family Studies from the University of Arizona and received her Independent Educational Consultant certificate from the University of California Irvine.

Specializes in

College Admissions
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