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Josefine Borrmann


As a college admissions expert, Josefine Borrmann has helped hundreds of students find and get into their dream schools. But it’s her experience as an award-winning independent filmmaker that she leans on when helping students with college essays.

When Josefine filmed her feature documentary ‘A Question of Perspective,’ she knew that “you don’t get the luxury of twisting reality: you have to film people as they are. From there, it’s all about finding ways to coax out hidden themes, show people a different side, and then curate those reactions into a story.”

Josefine holds an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Free University of Berlin, a BA in Ethnographic Documentary from Chapman University, and another BA in Psychology from Chapman University. She also completed her Independent Educational Consultant Certificate at UC Irvine.

Josefine can be found occasionally in Costa Mesa, CA (where she lives) when not traveling abroad in Germany or hiking a mountain.




Josefine Borrmann

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