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The perks of online summer camps

Updated: May 29, 2022

At Strive, the past few months have been an ongoing conversation about the intricacies of everyday life. As educators and students ourselves, we’re constantly being asked to balance

our own comfort with that of our students and teachers - something that is essential, but increasingly tricky with each passing day in a COVID world.

Where do we (all of us) feel safe right now? Grocery store? Sure, wear a mask. Shopping mall? Probably not. Beach? As long as that surfer over there stays away. Summer camp with 30+ unmasked kids? Uh… no.

For parents whose summer schedules are usually supported by a sherpa armed with colored pencils and outdoor playtime, having to reconcile personal safety with the appeal of childcare and entertainment is extremely difficult. Summer camps are an integral part of many families’ lives, and play a critical role in keeping kids happy and parents free. As COVID cases rise, however, parents with concern for their

children’s safety (and their own) will be burdened by having to work and perform

the duties of a summer camp employee.

This is where online summer camps come in, providing an opportunity for parents to bring summer fun into their homes and keep germs out. But, you might be wondering, how do they work? What do they offer? And are they even comparable to a classic summer camp? All valid questions, so let's take a look!

online summer camps provide:


The virtual nature of online camps ensures that no one, neither you and your child nor our instructors, is at risk of becoming ill. Online summer camps are held via video chat, online platforms, and other virtual modes, supplemented by hands-on activities. The goal is to recreate a summer camp experience at home and give you the peace of mind that comes with making responsible choices.


With all the comforts of home, your child will be able to have a full day of fun, without ever feeling distressed by a different environment. Hungry? Take a break for a snack from the fridge! Thirsty? Go grab some water. Feeling like you need some alone time, or a moment to recharge? No problem! At home, students will feel comfortable being in control of their day as they develop critical thinking skills and approach problems creatively.

You may be thinking, that's all well and good, but how can I be sure I'm picking the right one? There are a lot of shady websites/companies/ Yelp ads out there, and I don't want to sign up for some scam! That's a great point! We can't help you fend off iffy spam emails, but we can counter with one great option: Strive to Learn Virtual Summer Camps.

This summer, we're hosting a slew of online summer camps for ages 5-18, on topics ranging from Learning to Code to Zoom Theater and Acting! With expert instructors and top-notch materials, kids will spend their summer days making art, music, code, and more. Not to brag, but we don't just guarantee safety and comfort - there's a lot more that goes into bringing these virtual camps to you. Here are just a few of the perks of Strive to Learn Online Summer Camps.

Strive to Learn Summer Camps Offer:

Project-Based Learning

Our summer camps offer extensive project-based learning opportunities, where kids investigate and respond to authentic, complex questions.

After learning the theory, kids need to connect their minds to their bodies, and feel a kinesthetic connection to the

material. They won't just talk about coding, they'll build robot musical instruments! They won't just read about the history of the Raspberry Pi, they'll assemble one of their own! They won't watch YouTube and discuss acting technique, they'll also do full-body warm ups, learn acting tricks, and put on a full-length production! We're invested in letting kids learn effectively by developing

their fine motor skills, coordination, and artistic sensibility.


Unlike a traditional classroom, our summer camps encourage kids to take charge of their experience by coming up with original ideas and working on exciting new projects! We give them structure and support, and they go on to bring their creative dreams sharply into focus. Want to learn more about a specific topic? Not feeling into a certain program? That’s ok! We can help your child steer their talents in the direction they choose.


Each camp is devised to offer many different types of learning throughout the period, each devoted to much more than screen time. We wouldn’t want to spend hours looking at a screen, and you probably wouldn’t either! With time built in for movement breaks and at-home fun, they’ll never get screen fatigue. Beside attending Zoom calls and virtual instruction, your child will do full-body warm ups, learn stage combat, and go on house-bound adventures that keep them active.


This should probably be number one on the list, but… we have fun! From building robotic musical instruments to performing a full Zoom play for friends and family, each day at camp is packed with activities to keep campers engaged. They’ll learn the basics of coding, build a mad scientist’s lair, and do their own stage makeup. They'll program a robot assistant, make a princess costume out of construction paper, write a song on digital

guitar, or create their own handheld

video game console! Finally, kids get to experience the pride that comes with creating something of their own when they share their end projects with family and friends.

We know how drastically life has changed in recent months. It may seem like human interaction is the most impersonal that it's ever been, with screens, masks, and distance separating friends and family from each other. These virtual summer camps allow kids to

build community by letting them spend time with their friends, see smiling faces, talk with their peers, and learn something new to combat stress and boredom. Even the safest of in-person camps (yes, we know that’s an oxymoron) is still diminished by strict regulations and a lack of personal connection - not exactly an environment conducive to a relaxing and enjoyable summer experience.

If you feel overwhelmed at the array of choices that have become our new normal - don’t let picking a summer camp be one of the difficult ones. With you and your child’s best interests at heart, we promise to bring an exciting, engaging, and most importantly, safe summer camp to you.

Click here to learn more and register today!


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