In a few days, your child could program a robot assistant, build an alarm system for their bedroom, write a song on digital guitar, or make their own handheld video game console! Each camp offers hours of daily engagement, split between live virtual instruction and practical, hands-on projects.
We wouldn’t want to spend hours looking at a screen, and you probably wouldn’t either! With time built-in for movement breaks and at-home fun, you’ll never get screen fatigue.
Strive to Learn coding camps help bridge the gap between art and science, and teach kids how interdisciplinary learning brings our lives balance. This isn’t where the fun stops - with the help of our expert instructors, the skills students learn will serve them for years to come, and give them the confidence to keep inventing and creating on their own.

With hours of Daily interaction, we're more than just "screen time": We're hands-on, active, engagement.  

Summer CAmps