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Online Tutoring - Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Thanks for staying tuned as we work out the details of our transition to 100% online learning during the outbreak of COVID-19. We know you’re probably dealing with many similar changes in your life and work, and we deeply appreciate your patience and attention.

It’s understandable to be a little bit worried about what online tutoring means for you. In order to mitigate some of the stress that seems to fill our days lately, we’re reaching out to give you a few reasons to stop worrying about the role of Strive to Learn in your life and academics. Below, you’ll find a Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you’re about to have a session, also check out our Online Tutoring Instructions.

It’s important to note the silver lining in the way we’re being asked to change our lives. Just because we’re working through our computer screens does not mean we’ll lack the sense of community that has been built over the past years. Our blog and website as well as our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts will be bringing you regular updates and engaging content in the hopes that you feel as much a part of the family as ever.

Living in semi-quarantine isn’t the end of your academic journey, but rather a chance to rocket-launch your abilities into confidence and competence. The blessing of extra time on your hands can mean leveling-up your second-language proficiency, tackling the science section of the ACT, or working hard to get your last few college apps in line. Learn to knit! Paint a masterpiece! Finally figure out the difference between their, there, and they’re! Instead of being bored, use your time to grow. For many students, learning online is written in their future - colleges utilize online resources frequently, and learning how to use these tools before college is highly beneficial, and gives students an extra edge when they arrive on campus as college freshmen.

Although it might sound repetitive, we just want to reiterate why we’re making this decision. We’re suspending in-house operations out of concern for our community, our country, and the world. Practicing social distancing helps minimize the spread of the disease, protect vulnerable communities, and allow our healthcare system to remain operational instead of overloaded and ineffective. We're so, so grateful for your support in these efforts.

You have questions, we have answers! Below are some frequently asked questions that may answer some of your concerns regarding this shift.


Are there instructions for online tutoring?

Yep! We created a step-by-step overview in anticipation of our students wanting to be prepared to learn efficiently online. Here it is!

What if we have slow internet?

The minimum bandwidth requirement for Zoom (and most other virtual meeting platforms) is 600kbps, which is easily met by almost all 3G+ internet connections. Once you download and access these platforms, you can adjust the video quality to fit what your internet access can provide. Because technical difficulties are sometimes unavoidable, we’re scheduling all sessions with a 15-minute buffer window so you won’t lose any actual tutoring time to a slow connection.

Is it still personalized?

Yes! Your sessions will still be one-on-one, face-to-face with your favorite tutors, and personalized to you.

Will I have the same tutor?

Yes! Unless your schedule requirements change, your tutor will stick with you through thick and thin. In the case of some scheduling adjustments, we’ll work with you to recommend a tutor who best meets your academic needs.

Can I keep my current schedule?

Yep, just know that all of your sessions, until we announce otherwise, will be online.

Can I cancel my sessions?

Yes. If you don’t feel comfortable with this new arrangement, we understand, and will cancel your remaining sessions. However, we highly recommend that you watch our instructional video (coming soon), tune in to a livestream Q&A with our founder, or text/call us to chat before making a final decision. Our goal is to empower you in your learning process wherever you are, and we believe that this system is just another opportunity to teach students how to be resilient, lifelong learners.

What have other students said about online tutoring with Strive?

Because we’ve been doing online tutoring for so long, we’ve got a practical library of student testimonials to its virtue. Here are just a few!

Lily, Class of 2020 - “Online tutoring helped me juggle my schoolwork, a part-time job, test-prep, college applications, and an internship in LA, all while keeping my ACT score from taking a nosedive. In terms of accessibility, Strive hit the nail on the head.”

Emma, Class of 2021 - “Online tutoring is a super great way to get the help and strategies you need without having to leave the comfort of your home!”

How do I actually transition to online sessions?

Aha! There it is! At least, we’re circling back to the thesis of this post. Click the "Book Now" button at the top of this page, or call/text us at 949.873.6807 to get your first online session set up.

Alright, that’s it for today! Expect regular updates from us, and don’t forget to check our website and social media for any new guidance.


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