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Online tutoring Instructions

Tools You'll Need - Getting Set Up

  • Zoom

    • Download the Zoom Client for Meetings (the face-to-face platform you’ll be using for your session)

    • Type in your tutor’s meeting ID (see below for each tutor’s information or click on the location link in your Teachworks calendar to immediately get directed to your session)

    • You will be admitted to your tutor’s “waiting room” - your tutor will admit you as soon as it’s time for your session

    • We recommend entering the meeting room a few minutes before the session to make sure that you don’t have any technical difficulties (if you do, see below for zoom troubleshooting)

    • If you’re on a Mac, go into your System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy

      • Click on the lock in the bottom left corner and type in your computer password when prompted

      • Click “Accessibility” and find - make sure the box next to it is checked

      • Click on “Screen Recording” and find - make sure the box next to it is checked (only for OS Catalina)

  • Kami

    • Go to and create an account (don’t worry - it’s free!)

    • You and your tutor will be using this tool to engage interactively with one another during the session

    • Kami allows you to pull up docs directly from your drive to write on - everything you write on it will save to the google doc, so then you can access the session notes for future reference and studying

  • Google Drive

    • We will share a Google Drive folder with you before your first session. You can find this folder when you log into your Google Drive under “Shared with me” on the left side menu.

    • The folder’s title will be your name. Right-click on the folder and select “Add to my Drive.” This is where you will find everything you and your tutor work on during the sessions to come. 

    • If you can’t find your folder under “Shared with me,” please text us at 949.873.6807. Alternatively, your tutor can also add you to it during your first session if there is an issue.

Before Each Session

Tutor Contact Info

Amanda M.

Cell: 949.229.0813

Zoom Meeting ID: 9492290813.

Ashley R.

Cell: 949.229.5138

Zoom Meeting ID: 9492295138 

Josefine B.

Cell: 949.873.6807

Zoom Meeting ID: 9498736807


Josh R.

Cell: 949.229.3094

Zoom Meeting ID: 9492293094


Melinda B.

Cell: 949.229.2847

Zoom Meeting ID: 9492292847


Rachel H.

Cell: 949.229.0437

Zoom Meeting ID:


Ramzi, E. 

Cell: 949.229.3448

Zoom Meeting ID: 9492203448



William G.

Cell: 949.229.3972

Zoom Meeting ID: 9492293972


  • Gather and share your materials

    • If you have notes, documents, homework, handouts, assignments, study guides, etc. that you will want to look at with your tutor, upload them to your folder (the one that is titled as your name, that we shared with you - see above).

    • Alternatively, you can also email everything to your tutor before the session (see below for your tutor’s email address).

  • Make sure to close any apps, browsers, tabs, additional desktops that you don’t need during the session to free up more working memory to make everything run smoothly (see more tips for a smooth connection below)

  • Open Zoom

    • Enter the meeting a few minutes before the session time

    • Make sure your sound and camera are on so that you can get started as soon as your tutor admits you to the meeting room

Tips For A Smooth Connection

  • If you’re having trouble with anything, please text or call your tutor (see list of contact information below)

  • How to make sure your zoom call runs smoothly

    • Close most apps and browsers that you don’t need

    • Make sure you’re close to the room with your router (stable internet connection)

    • Don’t have bright light (i.e. a window) behind you

    • Wear headphones with a built-in microphone

    • Practice a few times so you know where all controls are

Troubleshooting Zoom

  • If you can’t HEAR your tutor or your tutor can’t hear you

    • Wait a few seconds for the audio to kick in

    • Make sure your microphone is not muted (the little microphone icon in would be crossed out - click on it to enable audio)

    • Leave the meeting and then rejoin

    • Make sure your speakers/headphones are on and not muted

    • You can check this by seeing if you can hear the sound of a YouTube video

    • Next to the microphone icon, click the arrow to change the microphone and speaker options

    • In the same menu, click “Switch to phone audio” to allow you to use your phone to dial into the meeting

    • If all fails, call your tutor’s cell number (see below)

  • If you can’t SEE your tutor or your tutor can’t see you

    • Make sure the camera is on (if it’s off, the camera icon would be crossed out - click on it to enable video)

    • Leave and rejoin the meeting

    • Try restarting your computer

  • If the session lags

    • Make sure you are sitting close to the router (if it’s in the attic, don’t do the session in the basement)

    • Close any unnecessary tabs, programs, browsers, and desktops

    • Try restarting your computer

  • If your tutor freezes or completely drops out of the meeting

    • Wait a few minutes - they will likely come right back into the meeting room

    • Text the tutor’s number to check in with them (see below) - your tutor will likely text you first :)

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