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We recognize that preparing never-ending snacks, homeschooling, while also managing your own (and your children's) emotions, can be challenging – especially if your working from home as well. As educators, we feel a duty to provide any and all support we can to families and students, regardless of their financial stability. Our PWYC classes eliminate the need to struggle for tuition or an enrollment fee. All students are welcome, free of charge, and encouraged to donate an amount of their choice to support other families in need. 


Online Workshops

  • Learn code by building video games. (Ages 6-10)

  • Get your wiggles out singing and dancing. (Ages 6-10)

  • Have fun diving into theater and acting. (Ages 6-10) Fri: 2:30 PM PST

  • Ask us anything college admissions related.

  • Have an SAT/ACT question? Get live help from a tutor. M 4:30 PM PST

  • Develop Emotional Resilience through art and music Wed: 4:30pm PST





Your instructors

Ashley Dylan
Song and Stage

Ashley has been onstage and making music since kindergarten: cello, guitar, theater, songwriting, you name it. As a professional singer-songwriter, Ashley has played in bands and grown her solo career since the age of 18 and attended UC Irvine for theater to hone her skills and explore a passion for performance. At one time, she worked on Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise! Currently, she is writing new music and working on her album.

Josefine Borrman
College Admissions

Inspired through her own journey through a dual Bachelor’s from Chapman University as well as an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology, Josefine is passionate about helping students navigate the college admissions and test prep process. She focuses on helping students find their own voices and make this journey their own - with an expert’s guidance and mentorship. With more than 8 years of experience, Josefine helps her students build the confidence to forge their own paths through the morass of the college admissions landscape.

Kaitlin Morrill
Express Yourself

After earning her Bachelors of Music from ASU, Kaitlin worked to become certified as a Music Therapist, devoting her career to teaching others about the curative nature of expressing oneself through music. With this music therapy workshop, Kaitlin wants to increase her students’ exposure to music as well as encourage them to tap into their own creativity and imagination. Through music, anyone can feel successful and artistically eloquent, an experience that Kaitlin hopes to share with as many students as possible.

Lily Brunson
All Things Theater

Lily is a high school senior from Lake Mead Christian Academy, and an expert on all things thespian. With eight years of experience, fifteen productions, and several Student Director credits under her belt, she’s teaching this Acting & Theater Technique workshop to help students develop a love for theater as deep as her own.

Lily Lieberman
Art Director

Lily Lieberman
Art Director

Lily has been in stage productions since the age of 9 years old, when her parents first brought her to a summer theater camp much like this one. Enthralled by the lights and the action, Lily continued to build her resume, performing in dozens of community theater shows, and attending prestigious workshops such as UCI’s New Swan Shakespeare camp. Her love for the theater has never waned, prompting her to continue her studies at Carnegie Mellon’s school of Drama this fall. Lily recently assistant-directed her school’s virtual senior play, “She Kills Monsters” by Qui Nguyen. A self-proclaimed “zoom theater expert,” Lily is overjoyed to share the fun with her students, and to show them how theater can be powerful and incredible in any form.

Tristan Tran
Subject Tutoring

With a BA in Math and an MA in Behavioral and Computational Economics from Chapman University, Tristan is hosting his video game coding workshops with the hope of getting kids to “think like a scientist.” In his words, learning to make video games is the most palatable way to teach computer programming and encourages students and parents to learn about programming while integrating storytelling into their lives.

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