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Perks of Online Tutoring

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

We know it’s a little nerve-wracking being stuck at home, especially when you have to adjust to a new style of learning. With so many schools switching over to a virtual classroom model to combat the spread of COVID-19, it might seem like your teachers don’t know how to help you get the most out of your learning in this very different learning environment. It’s understandable that they might be overwhelmed, as many teachers and professors have never had to teach through a computer screen before.

Not to brag, but that’s where the similarity between Strive to Learn and your school ends. Unlike most middle and high schools, we’ve been tutoring online for years, to great success and the benefit of many students. Over the years, we’ve had time to think about what makes online tutoring so great, and why so many students choose to learn online with Strive. Scroll to read just a few of our favorite reasons to try online tutoring with Strive to Learn!

We’re in your bedroom (practically. That came out weird.)

All you need to meet with a tutor online is a computer and a WiFi connection, so Strive goes wherever you go! Whether you’re traveling or bed-bound with the flu, a tutor can help you schedule time to work whenever, wherever.

You don’t have to wear pants

Actually, you do. Nevermind.

Please wear pants.

You’ll see our lovely faces!

There are lots of resources out there for online students, from Khan Academy, to Shmoop, to Sparknotes. However, few offer the same face-to-face communication that we do. For students who need discussions or explanations to understand content, online meetings can provide the missing piece in the road to fully mastering your math homework or conquering chemistry.

Saves gas

By cutting down on your mileage, you’re saving gas money (and by extension, minimizing your carbon footprint!). Keep those extra miles (and dollars) and tack them on to your next road trip.

Can’t study without salsa music playing? No problem.

Because your online tutoring sessions are still one-on-one, they are fully personalized to fit your learning style. Your tutors make it their top priority to keep your academic needs met by offering multi-modal styles of learning; you might prefer videos, drawing on the screen directly, written instructions, or step-by-step breakdowns - those preferences are always taken into account by your online tutor. Whatever you need to learn effectively is exactly what we want to provide. Even if it’s a lively Latin playlist blaring in the background.

Compatible with snack breaks

Actually, this should have been #1 on the list - our tutors don’t mind if you need a sushi/pizza/smoothie/popcorn break.

Lots of laughs (get your pets to participate!)

When you notice your tutor’s three bunnies are hopping around in the background, or your cat decides to jump up on the keyboard and block the camera, online tutoring gets even more fun. We love to enjoy those little moments that are simply not replicable when you’re not doing online sessions.

We’re on call - like doctors, but with less medical training. (Our lawyers say we have to clarify that we are not, in fact, doctors.)

If you’re worried about your Spanish grade or English paper, online tutoring helps to fill gaps quickly and precisely. If you need 20 minutes after school to talk about factoring polynomials, we’ve got you covered! Online tutoring is a great way to squeeze in moments of guidance and support between everything else in your life.

Less institutional, more informal

Online tutoring is a great option for those students simply weary of going to another place that feels like going to school. After school. So: relaxing on your bed or couch while learning how to do polynomial long division in a fun and interactive approach creates an interesting dynamic that truly contributes to students’ learning.

Get good at Zoom so you can teach your 63-year-old college Physics professor how to unmute on a video call

Many colleges utilize online learning in their regular classes, while high schools may not be as familiar with the technology involved in an online meeting. By learning how to use this technology, high school students can feel fully prepared for any kind of university class or learning experience.

Stop hitting your head against the wall and cure boredom for good

Especially during a semi-quarantine, it’s easy to slip into the passive boredom of letting Netflix autoplay eat up your time. Instead of spiraling into a pit of Disney+ and ice cream from the carton, take the opportunity of extra time and ward off “summer brain!” When you return to school, you’ll want to pick up where you left off, not feel overwhelmed by the work and how much you’ve forgotten.

Protects your health #flattenthecurve

Finally, online tutoring offers a further safety buffer between you and anyone whose health may be compromised. It also prevents you from getting others sick if you’re recovering from any illness.

Alright, that’s it for now! Call, text, or email us to learn more about our online tutoring services.


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