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The ACT is adding some new features, what do I do next?

Updated: May 31, 2022

Starting next school year, the ACT is allowing students to retake sections of the test, take the test online at designated centers (which allows for faster score reporting), and it is creating a super-score for colleges to use on applications.

If you're super surprised, or perhaps feeling other emotions, you're not alone! Just check out the responses to the announcement ACT made on its twitter. However, if you're preparing for test prep, this could be a great thing for you! In this blog post, we'll talk about how to use this new policy to your advantage and how to choose between the SAT and the ACT.

Here's the basics.

This change in policy comes with more than a few upsides, and maybe some controversies. Regardless, these are things to keep in mind as you process this new change.

1. First thing's first. Let's see how much this costs.

ACT officials told The New York Times that taking an individual section would be cheaper than retaking the exam in entirety, but said they had not yet decided on a price. Probably less than the current exam, which costs $68. If you're concerned about the price of retaking multiple exams, check out the fee waiver on the ACT website.

2. Take more focused study time.

The ability to retake an isolated section means that you can focus harder on studying for one section at a time, and then focus again on the next section. This could mean less study time, over all.

3. No need to worry about test-taking fatigue.

If a barrier to test-taking success the length of time the test takes, this is your time to shine! Most sections of the ACT are only approx. an hour, which is totally doable!

4. You can show your improvement over time, and thus get into a better school.

Having a hard time catching up with your math skills and need a little more time to brush up? Retaking only the math section will show your ambitions to improve your score in one particular area. Universities definitely take into account the initiative that shows.

5. Be one of the few (for now) that takes advantage of this great opportunity.

Only about 45% of students retake the exam at all. Of these students, many only do so one additional time, said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. Since you're about to embark on this new notion of the ACT, make it count!


So, now you know what's good about the ACT starting next school year. However, there may be reasons that you're still struggling to decide which test to take. Check out the comparison of the two tests below to help make your decision.

Some final thoughts.

We know that no matter which test you go for, test-prep is tough. Do yourself a favor and pick the test that suits your abilities the best. There is no such thing as the 'better' test to take; it's all about which one has the components that help your abilities shine. Let us know if you need more help deciding between the two!


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