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6 Ways to Support Small Businesses

We (small businesses) need your help! Community support is what keeps small businesses alive - and that support comes in many forms. This list compiles the perfect tools to help keep your local companies afloat without spending a dime, ensuring that we will weather the storm of COVID-19.

1. Leave five star reviews on Yelp & Google

For small businesses, getting seen on search engines and visited via websites like Yelp is both profitable and exciting - and it all starts with great reviews!

2. Sign up for newsletters and other updates

Many small businesses put considerable effort into the design and execution of their newsletter, and subscribing often means first pick at discounts, special offers, and new services. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to subscribe to our newsletter!

3. Interact with surveys and questionnaires

Even during a normal year, survey responses provide a local business with key information about the kinds of services or products consumers care about. Click here to take ours!

4. Follow social media accounts

You’ll be the first to hear about important news and updates, and the account you follow will get boosted and appear to more potential followers (follow us @strivetolearntutoring!).

5. Refer your friends

Referrals help build a community network, and often come with some perks: some companies offer a 10- or 15-percent discount for you and the person whom you referred!

6. Be patient

More likely than not, small business employees are jacks-of-all-trades, learning new techniques daily and overseeing many aspects that are invisible from outside. Thanks for bearing with us!


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