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Strive to Learn SAVED my grades

Struggle with online learning?

Let us come to you for personalized in-person help.

Staying motivated to get good grades is hard when you feel like you are struggling in class or are overwhelmed with anxiety. And yet, we are seeing record numbers of students who are 2 or 3 months behind in their class just because they don't learn as well from behind a screen. 

Group tutoring is 60% less effective in helping students get to where they need to be.  

When students continue to struggle in class, parents may pull their child out of a class instead of receiving a bad grade. However a report from Harvard education showed that students can thrive with a model known as Accelerated Learning, which we should call  "Just-in-time" support. It means getting the right kind of support, from the right person at the right time can and does make a huge difference.

Our traveling tutors help students master any K-12  difficult subjects.

Master any K-12 level subject



Standarized Tests

K-8 Math 

(Pre) Algebra 1 & 2

AP Calculus (AB & BC)
(Pre) Calculus 
IB SL Math

Enhanced Math 1, 2, 3

Math 1,2,3

Geometry/ Trigonometry
AP Economics 


AP Physics 

AP US History
AP European History 
AP Government 
AP World History


Beat the "COVID-Slide" with Customized Support
Give us A Call

Connect with us and schedule a consultation with our experts for a complementary consultation. 

Meet With An Expert

Meet with an Academic Advisor or College Counselors on Zoom or over the phone. 

Make It Yours

Based on your preferences, our experts will create a customized plan that works for your family. 

Keeping Families Safe
Outdoor seAting

Think backyard, porch, patio, or even a nearby park

Health Screenings

We complete detailed health screenings that are specifically curtailed to COVID-19 indicators

limited sharing

We ask that all families provide their children with all of the materials they need, and we'll sanitize the rest heavily. 

6 feet apart

Even though we're outside, we still follow social distancing.

Temperature checks

We use an infrared heat guns to check that no one has a temperature above 99.5 degrees

Face Masks 

While your child will be wearing a face mask, we'll be wearing face shields. 


what our families Say 

I cannot be more thankful for finding a tutoring service that is so personalized to best suit my learning style. After a few months of tutoring, I feel as though I can now replicate what I learned and take ownership of my learnings, 
-Hayley, W.
Test Prep
My son received an outstanding SAT score thanks to Strive to Learn! He was accepted to 4 universities and will be attending college on full scholarship in the fall. 
- Ele, F.
College Counseling
Both of my kids have been tutored here and it was the best decision we ever made...We've recommended Strive to Learn to many of our friends and have been thanked over and over again for the recommendation!
-Brian, L.
Subject Tutoring
The Reality of our Educational Landscape


Where do I go to get in-person sessions? Are they in my house? 

All of our in-person sessions will actually be conducted at a location of your choosing! Whether its a nearby park, your yard, or even your front porch, as long as there are 6 feet of distance between our tutors and your child, we can tutor anywhere in the great outdoors. (Plus, its a great excuse for them to get outside and get some sunshine!)

What if I feel sick but I still want to do a session? 

Although we're impressed by your commitment to learning, we would either need to do your session online or cancel your appointment. We make sure that  We know that people learn best when their mind is clear and bright, so get some rest, feel better, and we'll happily resume your sessions when you're back in tip-top shape. 

What are the requirements? 

In order to maximize both the safety of our students and our tutors, all in-person sessions will require:

-An outdoor setting where there are at least 6 feet of distance between our tutors and any students.

-Facemasks. While our tutors will wear face shields, we request that any students wear masks unless unable to. 

-Before each session, we will send out a health questionnaire for you to complete. On arrival, our tutors will take your child's temperature just to make sure that they don't have a temperature above 95.5 degrees with our infrared heat gun. 

Will I have to sign a waiver? 

Yes. Because Strive to Learn cannot guarantee you a risk-free environment (even in an outdoor setting), we require that all families sign our waiver of liability in order to perform in-person sessions. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Typically, we require at least 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment without any fees. In the event that you or anyone in your family is sick, we will cancel your appointment happily for the next 14 days without a charge as long as it's at least 2 hours before your session. However, if our tutors arrive to your session and notice that anyone in your family is above a 95.5-degree temperature, or if they confirm that your child is not feeling well in person, then we will change for a session in its entirety. 

What is the cost? Do we pay for the tutors travel time? 

We charge a flat fee of $20 per session to provide in-person appointments. 

Do you offer this everywhere? 

No. Currently, we are only offering in-person sessions in Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach (and Newport Coast), Corona Del Mar, Huntington Beach, Westminster, Dana Point, and Santa Ana. But we hope to expand our in-person services to a greater geographic range soon. 

What should my child bring to these sessions? 

Anything and everything that they might need to be successful in a learning environment. That means packing a snack and some water, blankets to sit on, pen and paper, etc. While our tutor will bring all of their materials to be successful, you'd want to prepare your child with all of their own stuff to handle to succeed. 

Who will tutor me?

Depending on each family's need, we'll match you with a tutor who has the educational expertise, abilities, and skills to tutor your child effectively. Also, all of our tutors have been extensively screened, are well-vetted, and have passed a background check with flying colors. 

Are in-person sessions an option for all of your services?

At the moment, in-person sessions are only available for subject tutoring and potentially test prep. College counselors and their students frequently need to share or look at the same computer screen together during their sessions, which would makes social distancing hard to implement.

Up late?   

We know that COVID-19 has thrown all of our sleeping patterns for a loop. So, if you happen to be scrolling outside of business hours, feel free to leave your details in the form below and we'll give you a call tomorrow. 
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