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Amanda Merrifield

College Counselor & AcademicTutor

Online only

Amanda is not just a tutor and college counselor, she's a force of nature that will simultaneously both brighten your day and force you to get closer to your goals. With her plethora of interests and talents, Amanda is the perfect role model for students who are still trying to figure out what they're passionate about. From literature to environmental science to coding, Amanda can help guide your child towards their academic and career goals. But that's not all - Amanda is also passionate about empowering women in STEM fields and can provide valuable mentorship for your daughter. Plus, if your child dreams of studying abroad, Amanda is the perfect resource to help them make that a reality.

Despite living in the overly grey UK, Amanda (who is an OC native) misses the warm California sun and beaches. With her charming personality, academic expertise, and love for adventure, Amanda is the perfect fit to help your child reach their full potential. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity.

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Spanish 1
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