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Master any subject with highly trained tutoring experts in high school, middle school, and college-level classes in math, English, language arts, and the sciences. 

We're built different(ly). 

We believe our purpose is greater than helping you get that "A". Our goal is to empower you by helping you build a solid academic foundation enriched with strategies so that you can find the right answer on your own. 

Because what end up sticking at the end of the day are not the answers that are given to you, but rather the strategies that we create. Together. 

Evidence that we also have awesome personalities. 

Personalized tutoring tailored to your needs. 

No extra homework, unless you ask.

From homework help to academic enrichment, we customize our curriculum to fit your goals.

Professional tutors that fit your family.

We'll match you to a tutor who has the exact expertise that you're looking for. 

Cater to all all learning styles.

With our proven 3-point multi-modal teaching style, we'll help you learn anything with ease. 

We work around your calendar.

From 2x a week to PRN sessions before finals, we'll find a time that fits in your schedule. 

Learn anywhere you want. 

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At-home, In-person Tutoring

Our fully vaccinated tutors can come to your home and conduct our sessions there! Limited to select areas in Orange County as available. 

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No matter the class, we've got your back. 

With expertise in over 27+ subjects, our tutors help middle and high school students get the results they want to see with one-on-one customized lessons.

AP Calculus AB & BC  
AP Statistics 
IB Math
Algebra I & II
Math 1, 2, 3
​Common Core Math
Elementary Math

Language Arts
AP English Literature

AP English Language & Composition
IB English
Essay Writing 
Elementary Reading  
Middle School Grammar 

Study Skills 
Time Management

Executive Functioning

Effective Study Habits

Social Sciences
AP European History

AP World History
AP Human Geography

AP American Government
AP US History



Foreign Language
Spanish I, II, III 

AP Physics
IB Physics
AP Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Biology
Middle School Sciences 
Marine Science 

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What parents rave about:

"our tutoring sessions have felt so personalized to me, unlike the many tutors I've seen in the past. I have always been a below-average math student all throughout grade school and now I've gotten As in every single exam. ” 
                                                              - Em Y.

                                                        - Steph D.

Strive to Learn has been a phenomenal resource for my children through high school courses and preparing for college applications. They are extremely professional and passionate teachers and helped significantly with testing and my son's college essays. I highly recommend Strive to Learn. You will not be disappointed. 

                                                          -Caren A. 

"My son was struggling with enhanced math and once he started working what Luc, his scores came up immediately. Each student is able to lead the session to where they need help. A great approach, and one that is highly successful.” 
                                                                      - Adelle I.

"Not only did she raise her grades, at the end of her sessions, she’s on top of the world.” 
- Laurie M.

I cannot stand math and for some reason decided to take a 1-month course in statistics at Orange Coast College. Right away I realized that it was a lot tougher than I had imagined, so I came to Strive to Learn. Josefine was absolutely incredible and worked with me as long or as little as I needed, and ended up raising my grade 20  points from when we first met! If I ever need help in another subject I will 1000% be going back to Strive to Learn! 

                                                                                        - Ali M.


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