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Beat summer slide and prepare for success with a pre-AP crash course.

Our short 2 - 3 day hands-on virtual courses will help you regain mastery over the fundamental concepts you'll need to get those 4's and 5's on your AP tests.  




"Strive to Learn has helped me learn so much. All of the tutors are amazing and always fun to be around." 

- Paul J. 

Our tutors aren't just amazing people,
they're experts in their field. 

Meet Josh, a rockstar in tutoring calculus & physics. 

A recent graduate from CSULB with an M.S. in Physics, Josh exudes the same exciting passion for things like "destructive testing of kinetoplast topology" (his project in the Knotz lab at CSULB) as he does the Mummy series.


Loved by all, he's been called a role model and a mentor by parents and students alike for his help in SAT/ACT, subject tutoring, and GRE prep. 

"Josh was amazing and empowered me to do my best."

- Carson Perry


Meet Ashley, our biology & chemistry tutor legend.  

Ashley graduated from UCLA with a B.S in Biochemistry and is one of the only tutors who we've known that can make organic chemistry easy.


As a student with dyslexia, she knows how important it is to teach concepts in a variety of ways and the value of having a teacher see your inner strength. 

Online classes have been AH-mazing! My kids don't even realize they are learning a skill.  

- Suzanne Leaf

Review key concepts and re-ignite your passion for learning


We'll guide you through each concept step-by-step with proven teaching strategies that have helped hundreds of students. 


You'll apply concepts to problems with hands-on activities and optional homework assignments to reinforce learning.   


Students will get access to our recorded group sessions that they can refer to throughout the academic year.  

Ease your transition from summer to school with a Pre-AP crash course