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Announcement: We're Coming to Waldorf of OC!

Starting this summer, we're partnering with The Waldorf School of Orange County to bring their students the best college admissions counseling program with dedicated college admissions counselors, hands-on workshops, and more. Each and every Waldorf high school student will receive personalized college and academic advising as well as hours of essay and resume support - all for free. From 4-year college planning to technical schools and professional internships, we will be helping Waldorf students plan their next step after high school in a way that reduces anxiety and empowers students to reach for their dreams.

"This specific high school has a very unique approach to education, and we’re excited to bring our educational consulting experience into the mix to allow these students to take the awesomeness that they’ve been cultivating at WSOC and to show that to a college, to craft a really strong application to make the future that they dream of possible. We're excited to be part of the Waldorf family!"

- Josefine

Strive to Learn has worked with Waldorf students for a long time, but only individually - so it’s exciting that now we get to serve the entire high school body! One of our core concepts is to "narrow the gap" and create more access to education, so we’re really excited that we’ve completely partnered with the WSOC to help all of their high school students in their pathway towards adulthood. A lot of this counseling support is focused on helping them with college, but students can get help with anything else! They can of course get help with their college application, their college list building, etc, and we have a really solid program formed around that, but we also talk to students act gap year, alternative pathways after high school, so we’re excited to bring the idea of “good fit” to this community.

Waldorf has a mission that honors the uniqueness of every single student, that each student is awesome in their own right. We really honor the uniqueness of every single student, too! To fit everyone's unique needs, this partnership consists of individual meetings, student workshops, family workshops, and staff and faculty workshops. This way, our StL counseling team is providing all-around support for everyone involved in the students’ lives. One of our big goals is always to teach students how to fend for themselves, how to gain college literacy, financial aid literacy, things like that. With the workshops throughout every year, we know we’re creating that “college knowledge” and career pathway knowledge as well for the students, families, administrative staff, and faculty.

We can't wait to be part of the Waldorf family!


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