Our Unique Approach 

AKA if tutors are a dime a dozen, why does Strive to Learn have their own fanclub?

Parents call our tutors and college admissions counselors mentors and role models because of the visceral change they see when students finally get that "aha" moment where everything clicks.

As one parent said in their yelp review,,  "The thing that sealed the deal for me was watching my son's eyes light up, and shoulders drop as if he had been carrying cement blocks on them...I would never go anywhere else. ". (Thanks, Enza.)

So yeah, we're good at what we teach. But we think that our purpose as educators is to be so much more than rockstars: our goal is to see students empowered.  So unlike 99% of the other tutors out there, we center our entire service around what they need, offer scaffolded support, and mindfully mirror their needs.


We give students the space to lead each session to show them that their voice matters. By teaching both content and strategies our students begin to see themselves as so much more than a score or an offer letter: they see themselves as capable. 

So that's why. We help change their life. But feel free to join the fanclub, we hear its a pretty awesome community of people who strive to do better.  ^.^