Online tutoring & college advice at your fingertips


In-person tutoring has finally met it's match with one-on-one sessions that are fast, easy, and convenient. 

Make it possible to fit learning into your schedule. 

With greater availability, and more subject matter expertise, Strive to Learn is able to accommodate your needs quickly and without sacrificing quality. 


Best Practices for an online  session 

  • Zoom

    • Download the Zoom Client for Meetings (the face-to-face platform you’ll be using for your session)

    • Type in your tutor’s meeting ID (see below for each tutor’s information or click on the location link in your Teachworks calendar to immediately get directed to your session)

    • You will be admitted to your tutor’s “waiting room” - your tutor will admit you as soon as it’s time for your session

    • We recommend entering the meeting room a few minutes before the session to make sure that you don’t have any technical difficulties (if you do, see below for zoom troubleshooting)

    • If you’re on a Mac, go into your System Preferences and click on Security & Privacy

      • Click on the lock in the bottom left corner and type in your computer password when prompted

      • Click “Accessibility” and find - make sure the box next to it is checked

      • Click on “Screen Recording” and find - make sure the box next to it is checked (only for OS Catalina)

  • Kami

    • Go to and create an account (don’t worry - it’s free!)

    • You and your tutor will be using this tool to engage interactively with one another during the session

    • Kami allows you to pull up docs directly from your drive to write on - everything you write on it will save to the google doc, so then you can access the session notes for future reference and studying

  • Google Drive

    • We will share a Google Drive folder with you before your first session. You can find this folder when you log into your Google Drive under “Shared with me” on the left side menu.

    • The folder’s title will be your name. Right-click on the folder and select “Add to my Drive.” This is where you will find everything you and your tutor work on during the sessions to come. 

    • If you can’t find your folder under “Shared with me,” please text us at 949.873.6807. Alternatively, your tutor can also add you to it during your first session if there is an issue.