meet us


Josefine is Strive to Learn's founder, and loves working with students of all abilities and ages. She wants to teach all her students how to be successful not only in their studies, but in their lives!



Melinda bases her grad school counseling, college counseling and tutoring on her knowledge and experience with studying Psychology. She wants to show her students that with hard work, anyone can succeed in their ACT/SAT journey, college applications, and school subjects.



Luc is a passionate math, science, economics and test prep tutor. He loves helping students realize their full potential and tackle difficult problems.



VA is passionate about teaching math, physics and chemistry. He loves seeing his students excel and thrive in classes they used to think they were bad at. He likes to provide individualized instruction that classroom tutoring can't.



William is an awesome college counselor, essay coach and tutor! Through a combination of guided and independent practice, William’s goal is to help students make adjustments that will be repeatable on future tests and will generalize to their overall approach to academics. 



Josh is an awesome math and science tutor! His goal is to always inspire students to love math and science in the same way he always has. Josh’s favorite part of tutoring is to see students grow in all areas of study.



Amanda loves college counseling, subject tutoring and test prep tutoring because she loves seeing students accomplish things they didn’t think they could. She believes that although every student has a different learning style, anyone can succeed at any subject with determination and a clear vision.



Joseph is an amazing science tutor! He loves how biology plays out in the body and is working towards his dream of becoming a doctor. Being a part of his students' journeys is the best part of studying for med school.

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