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College Counseling  


Your Path

With 5,300 colleges in the United States alone, we know that finding the college that fits your "college experience" can be hard. With our experts, we help you discover the colleges that you love.


With strive 

We know it takes a community to prepare students for the rigors of college. We help students challenge themselves through mentorship and empathy that empowers them to learn to take charge of their own process. 


your mark

Through the application process, we help students learn to develop a sense of confidence and security in themselves and their abilities, so that when they finally arrive on the campus of their dreams, they are fully prepared to make their mark. 

What is College Counseling?

As experts in college admissions trends, career advising, and mentorship, our college counselors help our students and their families navigate the complexities of college applications without the stress of doing it alone. 


Not only do colleges expect that students have a mile-long list of qualifiers, they expect students to have the wisdom and insightfulness about who they are, and what they want to become. We help students work through the fog of undefined purpose, values, and interests that frequently paralyze students into inaction. We've helped hundreds of students "figuring out their life" while teaching them long-term planning skills, time-management.


Moreover, by outsourcing the "college application process" to us, our families report feeling less stressed and a sense of calm as they focus on the most important thing: the time they have left. 

Why Do I need an EssaY Coach?

With over 100 essays a day to review, the reality is that college admissions advisors may only look at your personal statement for only 3-5 seconds. You need an essay that grabs their attention, highlights your personality,  while still sounding humble about your achievements. If the difference between an acceptance and rejection is your personal statement, you'll need to stand out. Advisors have read a million essays about students "life-altering" trips abroad and other trope moments that students naturally gravitate towards.

That's why having an essay coach is so important. Our essay coaches are professional storytellers, editors, and teachers who have a passion for writing and many years of experience. While we won't write the essay for you, we will teach you how to write an insightful and effective college application essay in a way that lets your own authentic voice shine through. No matter where you are in the essay process. 


What about Grad School?  

With hundreds of different programs, unique requirements, and highly selective nature of the graduate school (with little to no free resources), finding and applying to the right graduate school can be scary!  Our grad school counselors are highly trained and prepared (and even sit on a graduate admissions board) to help you navigate the high-stakes world of Graduate School Admissions. 


From helping you pick the right program, to GRE help, to exploring the various post-degree pathways paths, our advisors will help guide you through the application process to get you where you want to go. 

Not sure how to put your experiences, dreams, and goals into words? Let us help you! Our counselors are experts in creating concise, interesting Statements of Intent for your application.

We seek to expose students to a world of opportunity in which they imagine a future that encourages them to push boundaries and purposefully create a meaningful journey towards a college centered around their core values. We do this through highly personalized mentorship with highly trained and empathetic consultants, who are focused not only on prestige but, more importantly,  on helping students find which college is their "best fit." 


We know that each family is at a different part in their educational journey, which is why we start with a completely free consultation with one of our college consultant experts. From here we create a customized plan that is centered around your family's goals and needs. 



We start out by fielding out our student's interests, personality, and desire getting all of the right experiences and when are crucial to building the backstory that colleges want to see. By having an in-depth awareness of what goals and aspirations are. We help build that resume list, and activities records to give them a leg up. 


As master jugglers of multiple deadlines and endless differentiation between college applications, we not only help our students with brainstorming their needs, preferences, and streamline the application process by keeping track of all the moving parts for you

No more worring about multiple deadlines, 


Your needs - your way

We know the added cost of college counseling can be hard to swallow. That's why we've created different tiers of support for our families and our students unique level of deeds.  

Our Comprehensive Package

Good for: Students that feel lost, uncertain, or generally need more step-by-step support. 

From deep diving into personality and career assessments to coaching students through what to do after they submit their applications, our comprehensive packages guide students step by step through the entire college admissions process. 

Our 4 Hour Block

Good For: Students that are generally well organized, have a clear sense of where they are headed, yet need some help in select areas of the application. 

With our dedicated 4-hour block package, students are able to select one or two main categories of needs from our Al La Carte packages to receive comprehensive support in that one area. Great for students that feel stuck or lost with certain aspects of their college applications. 

Our Hourly Rate (Al La Carte) 

Good for: Students that are near complete with their application, or just need help with one or two minor details of their application. 

At $175 an hour, we laser focus our energies on that particular aspect of their college admissions, whether it is editing a personal statement, one on one coaching for interviews, or anything else off of the Al La Carte areas. 

How we help 

  • Building a Good Fit College List

  • College Visit Planning

  • Graduate School Counseling 

  • ​Transfer Counseling

  • Career Assessment

  • Academic Planning 

  • Summer Activities Planning

  • Extracurricular Strategy

  • Gap Year Research

  • Essay Coaching & Support

  • Personal Statements

  • Artist Application Supplements

  • Creative Resumes

  • Honors Program Applications

  • Nursing Supplements

  • Portfolio (i.e. SlideRoom submissions

  • Resume Support

  • Interview Coaching

  • Financial Aid Application Support

  • Scholarship Support

  • Financial Aid Appeal Letters

  • Making your final decision


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Meet The Team


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Our Academic Coordinator and College Counselor, William, excels in essay writing as well as [not finished]


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Strive to Learn's founder and college counselor. Her expertise lays within international schooling, transfer students, and videography.


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Graduated from Standford with a BA in Psychology, and a Phd in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Cal State Fullerton. As a graduate admissions faculty member at Fullerton, she is excellent in providing graduate school counseling. 

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