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Tel: +1 (949) 873-6807​

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College counseling

College Counseling mission

We aim to expose students to the world of opportunity at their fingertips and inspire them to push their own boundaries and embrace their journey into adulthood.

What is a college counselor?

As college admissions counselors, we guide our students through the messy swamp of applying to college and "figuring out your life." We are experts in college admissions trends, career advising, and mentorship.

What does a college counselor do?

A college counselor can help you and your family make the potentially stressful process of figuring out your future plans. We guide our students in their career and major search, develop good fit college criteria, and a well-balanced college list. We also help with the actual applications, construct a resume, research scholarship opportunities, and much more.


We also guide students in gap year searches, community college route, or any other future plans.



Our main goal: mentor our students so that they become confident and educated about their future plans.​

Why do I need a college counselor?

​Working with an experienced college admissions counselor alleviates stress for the family and allows the student to gain independence: students should own their process and embrace it, instead of feeling like it is a scary chore. Are you conflicted about what your values, dreams, and interests might be? Working with us will allow you to break through that fog, learn long-term planning and time-management, and allow your family to focus on enjoying time together instead of having every conversation center on college plans for the next year.​


What is an essay coach?

Essay coaches are professional story tellers, editors and teachers. Our goal is to help put the most important parts of your story into action while teaching you important writing techniques that you can take with you beyond your college applications.

What does an essay coach do?

All of our essay coaches have a passion for writing and many years of experience perfecting the art of a compelling and clear essay. We aim to teach how to write insightful and effective college application essays.

 Come see us to demystify the process of planning and writing a fantastic college application essay (or more than one!). We will help you brainstorm and help you make edits so that your voice shines through. 

Why do I need an essay coach?

Don’t know where to start on your college essays? Having trouble understanding what is expected on your essay, or what is important to include? Our Essay Coaches are experts on picking the right topic for your college application essays. 

All of our Comprehensive College Counseling Packages have 8 hours of College Essay Writing included in their package.


Grad School Applications

Our grad school counselors are highly trained and prepared to help you navigate the high-stakes world of Graduate School Admissions.


They will help you pick the right program for you, and help you explore the various paths to get you where you want to go. 

Statement of Intent

Not sure how to put your experiences, dreams and goals into words? Let us help you! Our counselors are experts in creating concise, interesting statements of intent for your application.

Resume Coaching

Strive to Learn helped me create resume, come up with my autobiography, and helped me build my whole application, and I am beyond grateful! The work was so good that the director of my program now for my program even complimented me on it!

Nicole G.