College Admissions

Our college admissions consultants, Melinda, William, and Josefine, are well-versed on all things collegiate, and they want to help students and families understand the minutiae of the college admissions process as well as answer any questions you have about the SAT or ACT. By offering a free Q&A opportunity, they hope to provide some form of emotional and financial relief. Bring your questions, and they’ll do their best to support you in your college admissions and test prep journey.

Subject Tutoring

This open session is an opportunity for students to drop in and ask questions about a range of topics: math, biology, history, and more. Nothing is off-limits, so if Tristan can answer your questions, he will! No age limit is imposed, and students from middle school through college are encouraged to attend. Whether you’re working on a school project or stuck on a homework assignment, visit this open session to get the support you need.

All Things Theater

In this workshop, students will engage in a series of exercises specifically designed to target and explore the different aspects of theater. From tone and intonation to staging and character development, Lily will lead the group in breaking down an actor’s process into fun and memorable sessions.

Express Yourself

In this class, Kaitlin will lead exercises that focus on both the individual and the group - from songwriting, drawing, and movement work to collaborative creation and group sharing opportunities. By seeing themselves and others through the lens of music therapy, students will make art, de-stress, and have fun!

Video Game Coding

Students will follow along while Tristan demonstrates the basics, and then jump right in! Using Scratch, a platform designed to inspire young children to begin programming, kids (and students of all ages) can begin to explore the possibilities of game design. By simulating real-life physical phenomena (gravity, touch, etc.), a programmer can begin to understand the fundamentals of making the real world reflect back from a computer screen. The only limits are their imagination!

Song and Stage

Ashley’s Song & Stage Workshop was inspired by a desire to have fun and deviate from the norm - instead of strictly sticking to music or theater, students will draw from both disciplines to experience a creative collage of exercises! By warming up their bodies with stretches and tongue twisters, students will free up their minds to dive into writing their own songs, engaging with their emotions, and trying new things. Ashley’s goal for each workshop is to “have fun and make fun” of herself, and she hopes her students feel the same.

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